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Deep in the Top's Winter Tour Summary

On Thursday the 1st of December, was the day that we performed probably in front of the most people during our tour. And that's because the gig took place at 8Ball club in Thessaloniki, our home city.

With the great opening performance of Smoke, who came all the way from Xanthi to perform with us, we took the necessary vibe to perform, in front of our beloved audience.
The peak of the gig was of course "Greed" which is also the first track of "Blues In Different Colours", when we realized that the whole club was head banging!

It was one of the most powerful performances ever.

During the Performance at 8ball live club

After that we took break for 5 days to recover and recharge our batteries, and on Wednesday the 8th of December, we left for Volos.

There we had the chance to perform at Cafe Santan, which this year is celebrating its 35 birthday.

Simply, one of the most unique performances of ours. It was really a pleasure for us to perform at such a venue.

The audience was just brilliant, and the resulted atmosphere couldn't be better.

And so the first stop was over 350 kilometres away from Thessaloniki at Kerkyra.

On the 28th of November we packed our things, as usual, grabbed our keys, guitars and drums, and headed to the West towards the magnificent island of Corfu.

The venue where we performed was "Polytechno", a place which has a really cozy and blues atmosphere, ideal for our first gig!

We were lucky to have a brilliant band to support our gig. "The fast and the Contra-furious", a jazz band formed members of the music university of jazz and George Contrafouris, in Corfu.

After this support the gig needed nothing to more to be really energetic and superb.



Polytechno live stage

The next day, 2 of December, was the turn of Serres, and "Kleidi tou Fa", to welcome us for a really nice gig. Even though we were tired from the performance of the previous night, we did our best to create an atmosphere in one of Serres' best Blues venues.

Kleidi tou Fa at Serres

Cafe Santan's Stage at Volos

The very next day, December the 9th, we stuffed our things again on the mini van, and headed towards Athens. Six D.O.G.S. was the next live stage where we were going to perform. Despite many issues with the means of transport at the city, we were lucky to have a really nice audience, which come at the club.

One of the reasons that we really enjoyed this gig, was the fact that we were performing together with one greek band that we really appreciate.
Trikavalo, is one of our favourite greek rock bands.
We had the chance to meet them for the first time during Schoolwave Festival, and this was the first time that we played together after that.

Their performance was really energetic, and vibrant, and this helped us and the audience to create a really cozy atmosphere at Six D.O.G.S. live stage.


The following morning, 10th of December, obviously tired, we hit the road once more and headed even Southern to Rio, near Patra. There, Eyoi Eyan, was expecting us for the last gig of our tour. The hostility of the people there couldn't be better, and we would to thank them a lot for this. Eyoi Eyan was a really nice venue, and we really enjoyed our performance in this wonderful live Stage.
It was a pleasure for us to have such a nice last gig in our tour, at this place.

The next day, 10th of December, was the official end of our Winter tour. For the last time we had to pack our things, and travel back more than 700 kilometres to Thessaloniki.

If we could describe with one word the whole tour this would be definitely "Fun".  We earned a lot of experience, we shared  our music with the most amazing audience, and we giged around most of the biggest cities in Greece. If the ain't fun, what else could be...

Performance at Six D.O.G.S. in Athens

Now that the tour is over we would like thank some people for their endless support:

-Minas Vasileiou, who provided us with all the necessary drums, and hardware during the tour.


-All the people that hosted us, at the cities where we played.

And last but not least the best secret keeper-story teller-badass mothafucka-dude-driver-crew-anything/anywhere/anytime-man Dimitri Aggelidaki (aka Mitsos, the badass guy with the sunglasses)!

Stay tuned cause, a second leg of tour is about to come...