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Tour's Done

As we fly back from Birmingham, I know there‘ll be a big pause here. The primary and high school celebrity is gonna be studying music in Holland for the next few years. The kid that could break a laugh out of a stone is finishing his studies and is fully focused on chasing his dream to be an orchestra conductor (same dream he had when I met him). My beloved big-nose, tour-directing engineer/drummer, Phil is also making his way through university and I… well, I’m finally figuring out how to get a decent sound out of my double bass.


That first time at the studio, back in 2010, we couldn’t imagine that later on we would find ourselves playing a carnival show dressed up as “101 Dalmatians” (Nick was Cruela de Vil) or dressed in a full football uniform somewhere in North Wales, acting some warm-up routines on stage while Mike was soloing. Maybe someday I will make a list of all the crazy things we ‘ve done on and off stage.

When we were thinking of recording every single song we had and then breaking up the band – that must have been early 2015 – we didn’t think that the very same recording would become our second album, the one that would take us to Europe twice!

After seven years, I now feel we‘re reaching a point where our friendship’s basic elements have some actual effect on our music and performing. It’s not song-based, it’s not Nick-based like it used to be, it’s a band. Mike has more space for his peculiar solos, I finally started dancing on stage so now me and Nick are doing all kinds of crazy stuff and Phil… well, let’s just say that in one of his drum solos he sang a saxophone-like scat solo instead and that’s exactly how crazy he is, I guarantee!

I first met Nick when we were six. We were all about after-school football sessions and he always won. I don’t think we even liked each other back then. First time we really spent time together was about ten years later, in the studio, playing “Gone Shootin’” and “La Grange”. That’s where I actually met Phil. Some could say my first ever conversation with “Sam” was only musical. By that time I already knew Mike for almost five years. He was a humor virtuoso when we met in high school and I suppose he always will be.

Being 23, these people are the first ones I can actually say I know for ages. We finished school together, got drunk for the first time together and have been through the greatest joys and pains – if we ever had any, together. But out of all our memories, I think our friendship sums up to the nostalgic remembrance of those no-worry times. I can remember us hanging out having nothing more to worry or talk about other than girls and music. Ok, maybe that’s still what we do, but it’s somehow different. I know you‘ll say that no-worry times nostalgia is part of growing up, but in any case I don’t recall past as a state better than the present. To be honest, I believe we are in our best form ever. Greek, European and UK tour, all in one year. Two albums out and we keep getting better at writing songs together. Couldn’t ask for more.

As the plane approaches Greece, I wonder if I should consider this tour as an end. The three of them don’t like the “End” topic and maybe they ‘re right. There’s no reason to think of an end as long as we have good times together, no matter how rarely we get to play. That’s how it worked when I was away as well. We also have a no-promises policy, but that never stopped us from dreaming and that we do a lot.

I can keep writing this pointless memo for many more pages but now Mike’s once more jokingly swearing at me. He asks whether I’m gonna join them or prefer to spend the rest of my life on this plane. What an ass! I now see Sam has just woken up, trying to remember where he is and Nick’s checking out the girl sitting in front of him. I look outside my window. We’re home.


                                                                                                          Minas, 13/8/17