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Summer Tour Dates Announced

By plane, by bus, by train, by car, you name it. Swimming you said? Yes sir! We got our masks and flippers packed and ready for a dive in the baltic sea, just before we soundcheck for the first show.

That’s right people, we go north! Everything’s ready – thanks to Sam’s organizing skills – and we are taking the plane to Warsaw on July 4. We‘ll play pub gigs, festival shows, semisecret beach bar jams… There‘ll be old friends, new friends, tons of new music to listen to, dozens of places to explore and stories to tell when we get back.

For the whole past year we‘ve been jamming around new ideas and ended up with a playlist full of new songs. This summer tour will be all about tryin’ these songs on audiences across Europe, before we get back and record them (?!).

 So, we got a bag full of CDs, a bag full of t-shirts and we‘re ready for the busiest summer the band has ever had! Right now we‘re all making some final arrangements before we get in the studio for some last-minute rehearsals.

There’s not much more to say, but one thing’s for sure:

 It’s gonna be groovy!

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