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The brand new album of Deep in the Top Blues in Different colours is out now


8 groundbreaking tracks. The best continuation after the 1st debut album blues that I choose, shows the maturity of the band. Recorded during April of 2014 Blues in Different colours represents the current band tastes in music. Purple, red, deep blue, yellow, black and white are ready to take you to a real Deep in the Top experience.
Recorded in Blueberry productions during April of 2015, "Blues In Different Colours" comes to take the band to the next level.


"A big moving step forward", "A high production value", are some of the first amazing reviews of this amazing album.

B.B. King, Hugh Laurie, Big Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson as well as Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd get mixed in a wonderful combination which "Really IS Blues in Different Colours".

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