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"It's the Blues that I choose"! Simple, clear and says it all. Deep in the Top's first album with original songs only. Recorded in 2013, and released in 2014, this album is the proof that the band came to stay right into the spotlight. 7 original tracks. 7 reasons to "choose the blues". Making this step, the band toured around Greece for the first time, to promote their first album, which proved to be successful. Now, the album is available only for online purchase. One of the band’s biggest moments was to take place on 31st October 2014, when they organized the first blues youth festival in Thessaloniki, under the name “Thess Blues? fest”. Being prepared for over 4 months, the festival made a massive impression among the music audience of the town. Mini & the Moochers, Hoochie Coochie Men and Deep in the Top, were the 3 youth bands that made this festival successful and filled with blues music. Of course, "Blues Wire" was the band that supported the festival, better than anyone else could do! Over the next few months, the band continued touring, but at the same time, they were getting ready for the recording of their second album. Studio sessions began in April 2015 and found the band working on several original compositions with tunes ranging from blues to heavy, rock sounds and atmospheric ballads, as well as funky grooves.
"Blues In Different Colours", is the band's big moving step forward. Maturity, variety and a lot of Deep in the Top raw sound. The album is currently out on-sale, for online purchase, as well. The next big step, was the summer of 2016, which found the band doing a small tour in UK. This was the first time that the band performed in front of non-greek audience. North Wales Blues and Soul Festival in Mold, was the reason to travel over 2000 miles from Thessaloniki to UK, as they performed on the festival's main stage. Apart from the festival's gig, Deep in the Top booked several other shows around UK during August of 2016.
Deep in the Top were formed in 2010 by four high school students in Thessaloniki, Greece. Started of as rock influenced band, they made their first steps by digging into Deep Purple, ZZ Top and other blues classics. "In the mood for blues", the first recording attempt of the band, included some original songs, as well as other blues classics songs covered by the Deep in the Top.
In February 2012 the band played for the first time in a concert with the biggest Greek blues band, Blues Wire. Then Deep in the Top collaborated with Blues Wire’s lead guitarist, Elias Zaikos, who recorded two songs for their first album.
A year later Deep in the Top participated in a music contest, organized by Phillipos Nakas conservatory. Having already started working on new material, they won the 1st prize after a unanimous vote and got the chance to study at the conservatory for a year.
Deep in the Top are:
Nikos Tsopoglou - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Michalis Trachalios - Keys/Vocals
Minas Vakaloudis - Bass/Vocals
Philippos Samlides - Drums/Vocals