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Deep in the Top's Tour in UK summary

And so this was it. The first UK tour of Deep in the Top, was completed with huge success. After having played at the most unique venues, in front of the most amazing audience, we packed up our things and returned to Athens, where we started from, with quite less CD hard copies than we started with.

The tour started from Athens, on Friday the 5th of August, 5a.m when we grabbed our guitars and bass, and left to London.

The day number 0, has just started.


After having flew more than 1500 miles, and  after having ours clocks set to 2 hours in before, we left for Manchester where we were going to spend the next 10 days.


On Sunday morning, the day number 2, we left from Manchester, and headed to Mold, in north Wales, to take part in the North Wales Blues and Soul Festival.

While we were getting ready for the gig, Delta Radio and Yes Sir kept up the tempo with dancing tunes.


Everything was ready and the weather was perfect, so we just enjoyed good music, good food, and breathtaking surroundings.


The performance was just brilliant, and the audience just amazing.


Right after the gig, during the superb performance of Colin Hinds Band and Aynsley Lister we had the chance to take a quick break and get ready for the second performance in a row, at Y-Pentan, where we we have been lucky to perform our full set with only original songs.

The atmosphere couldn't be cozier and the first full performance of Deep in the Top in UK, went just superb and we kept on signing album hard copies for many minutes after the gig. The audience made this performance memorable for all of us.


After this amazing day, it was time for a super burger and a deep sleep.


The following 3 days found us, fooling around the vivid city of Manchester, trying some really good beers, enjoying Chinese cuisine and checking out the local music stores.


On Thursday the 11th of August, we headed to Chester, where we were going to have a gig in Telford's Warehouse. The most amazing venue that we had ever played. But, even more amazing was the way that the venue welcomed us.

"Σας καλωσορίζουμε σέξυ καθάρματα", was written on the backstage blackboard of the pub. It is written in greek, our mother language, and it means "We welcome you sexy bastards".

With this welcome message, the gig couldn't be something less than brilliant. A set of 1,5 hours, an audience which enjoyed every song and the excellent sound of the pub, made this gig perfect. Deep in the Top and the audience, didn't want to stop playing.


The following morning, after having eaten the famous English Breakfast, enjoying one of the most magnificent views in UK, having a great walk at the Deeside, Deep in the Top had to leave to go back to Manchester.

Saturday, was the last gig, as well as the birthday of Mike Traxalios, the keyboardist. The harlequin pub, was the place of the performance, a great and cozy pub in Sheffield.

After a 2 hours set, in front of a really vivid audience, for one more time, it was about time the band say happy birthday to Mike. After this long night, the last sleep in Manchester was necessary.


The following morning was the last day of Deep in the Top. Packing things, sleeping, eating, watching the videos from the gigs and maybe a little last walk around Manchester, were the best things to end such a trip.


All in all, this tour was the best experience of Deep in the Top. Amazing venues, vivid audience, great sound and of course beers, food and tons of Greenfields made this tour memorable.

But the best thing through out the tour was meeting Charlie. This guy helped a lot with almost everything: Festival, gig booking, transportation, sound-engineering and of course endless support and great comments about Deep in the Top, to everyone he knew.

Thank you Charlie! Without you nothing would be possible!

And you know what?
Deep in the Top will definitely come back to UK the upcoming year!
Stay tuned for more!